Join with millions remembering 100 years since the end of World War I


This year we mark the centenary of the end of World War 1. On Remembrance Sunday 11 November 2018, people around the Commonwealth will be reflecting on the lives that were changed irrevocably, and those that were lost. 

Some 65 million men were mobilised across Europe during World War 1. Nearly a third of them – some 21 million – were wounded. Another 8.5 million were killed and some 7.7 million were taken prisoners of war. All of them had family and friends whose lives were changed forever by the events of 1914-1918. 

This year gives us the chance to remember, but also to pray and work for peace, looking forward with hope. 

There are many ways in which you, your community, church or school can get involved. And, over the coming months, we’ll be keeping you in touch with ways in which you can join in. But here are a few big dates for your diary. 

4 August 2018: One hundred years on from a national day of prayer called by George V, this was the first day of 100 days of prayer across the country, running until Armistice Day in November. Every day there are prayers and actions for peace. You can sign up to take part and spend just a few minutes of your day, adding your prayers to those of tens of thousands more. 

22 September 2018: Churches will hold peace festivals linked to the United Nations' International Day of Peace on 21 September, with peace awards competitions being launched across the country.

11 November 2018: there will be Remembrance Services around the country. Many will be followed by Peace Parties.

December - peace awards ceremonies will be held.

Lots of organisations are working hard to provide you with the resources you need to stage your local event. 

There will be: 
  • Ideas and prayers for 100 days of peace from 4 August to 11 November 2018. Sign up to receive the prayers by email each day.
  • A guide on how to hold a peace party in the street for your community – Download PDF
  • A short video from Bible Society based on Revelation 21:3-4 to show at your Remembrance Day event.
  • A pocket-sized booklet called ‘Silence’ to give to all those attending your Remembrance event – order here.

Here are some resources which are already available: We’ll be announcing more exciting plans and resources over the coming months and look forward to hearing your stories of how you’ll be remembering and praying for peace.  Click here to see how churches used a Silent Night Carols event to mark the centenary of the 1914 Christmas Truce.


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