Hope Revolution

A lifestyle of Mission


HOPE Revolution encourages young people to be involved in ongoing mission activity and understand their call to a lifestyle of mission.Through continued support, opportunities and resources we encourage young people to take the initiative and be the ‘change agents’ in their communities that Christ calls them to be.

Mission Academies, training and the Chatterbox tool will be a catalyst to see this happen. These academies will release ideas and potential, as our youth grow in confidence and identity. Young people will be able to serve and encourage each other through social networks, mobilising and uniting together for the purpose of proclaiming the gospel through words and actions.

‘Sharing our faith in Jesus Christ means living in such a way that our actions demonstrate the rule of Christ in our lives and that, wherever we can, we offer testimony to the difference following Jesus Christ makes. We need to be people of word and action. When we work together as churches in mission these two things go seamlessly together.‘ Dr Rachel Jordan, National Mission and Evangelism Adviser, Church of England



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