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Equipping young people

HOPE Revolution recognises that God calls young people to bring change. The disciples were only young themselves, and against all odds, followed Jesus’ instruction to ‘Go’ spread the gospel. In Jesus, we have faith to see young people as leaders and world-changers and have seen young people from across the country, boldly and creatively sharing their faith. We want to be the excuse for young people to simply have a go at sharing Jesus, to try new ideas, and engage reflectively on their experiences.

We believe that young people can be the ones that will inspire and steer the church to be the expression of God’s love that Jesus intended the church to be. As young people engage imaginatively in new ways of sharing their faith, and commit to learning and growing in their experiences, our prayer is that we may see a generation of young people who demonstrate a fresh and contagious boldness to be the witness to Jesus that they are called and commanded to be.

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