Celebrating the Queen’s 90th Birthday

How The Servant Queen is being used

In one church a generous donor is buying two copies for every member of the congregation – one to keep and one to give away. In some denominations and Anglican dioceses, mission funds are being used to send a copy to every church leader or clergy person so their church can decide how best to use this book as part of their celebrations. Here’s how churches in Leicester diocese are using 'The Servant Queen'.

Here are some ways you can use 'The Servant Queen and the King She Serves':


  1. Know someone who likes all things royal? Ask them why and give them The Servant Queen book.
  2. Hold a Queen’s birthday tea party and invite neighbours or work colleagues, giving them a copy of the book as a gift.
  3. Follow up the gift with ‘What did you think?’ and ‘What do you think about Jesus – the King the Queen serves?’


  1. Celebrate with your community by holding a Thanksgiving service and street party on Sunday 12th June – and give guests a copy of the book.
  2. Give every member two copies – one to read and one to give away.
  3. Give a copy to members of groups that use your church building.
  4. Give copies to members of uniformed organisations using church premises. 

Community groups

  1. Give a copy to your Mayor, local councillors and business leaders.
  2. Visit residential care homes in your area with gift copies of the book.
  3. Run a Royal Quiz Night in your local pub and give guests a copy.

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