Prison HOPE

Prison Hope is a year of prison focus for churches. By the end of 2018 we hope there will be many more churches supporting and praying for their local prison, and many more volunteers involved with organisations doing great work in prisons and beyond. 

As part of Prison HOPE, prisoners, prison staff, and ex-offenders have contribute stories of hope to a new book '40 Stories of HOPE' which can be ordered from The Archbishop of Canterbury has written the foreword to the book, which is the 2018 Lent book for Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

Six steps to link with Prison Hope 
  1. Start praying regularly for prisons, prisoners, people leaving prison, people who are impacted by a family member in prison and for those who work in prisons.
  2. Use your network of contacts to share stories of hope between churches and prisons.
  3. Contact your local Prison Chaplain and ask to visit; take a couple of people from your church or denomination with you.
  4. Make space in your preaching programme or conference programme for people who are working in prisons, with people as they leave prison, or for former prisoners.
  5. Connect with organisations where you are or nationally; find ways your church can start to get involved with easy things they can do today. The Prison Hope website will have ideas too!
  6. Identify people you know who might be gifted for working more intentionally in this area. They can find out more about volunteering with existing organisations through the Prison Hope website.
Visit the Prison HOPE website to sign up for prayer and news updates and to find ideas about how you can be involved.

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