Easter Resources


The book: ‘Who Do You Say I Am?’ is written for your non-Christian friends and neighbours; the people you will be inviting to your church’s Easter guest service. ‘Who Do You Say I Am?’ takes readers on a journey of discovery using words and pictures to help you explain who Jesus is, why he died and what the resurrection can mean for people today. Find out more here and order copies from the HOPE shop.

Resources for Children

The Children of Hope song
Words of the song
Chords for the song
Hand jives for the song
Games you can pray - These ideas come from Andy and Catherine Kennedy, YWAM England: www.kkiengland.com


Hope for Easter book resources

page 14  - To create invites to Easter events visit the CPO website
page 25  - Healing on the streets article
page 27 - Children of Hope song by Sheila Wilson