HOPE at Easter – 2018 magazine

Read about Prince Harry’s life-changing realisation on a flight back from Afghanistan, and Meghan Markle’s extra-special marriage preparation – Christian confirmation and what it means. Meet Gemma Hunt, the children’s TV pirate and Alpha course presenter, and three sports stars who put faith before football, golf or sprinting. 

These are some of the features in HOPE at Easter, a 28-page magazine devised by HOPE for churches to give away – ideally door-to-door with an invitation to Easter services.

The magazine also unpacks the meaning of Easter and, as Easter Sunday is on 1st April in 2018, there’s a page of crazy April Fools pranks.

Conversation starter

Editor of HOPE at Easter, Catherine Butcher says, ‘We’ve published this magazine full of topical features as a conversation-starter. Research shows that when Christians talk about faith, at least one in five people wants to know more. HOPE at Easter gives an easy way into a conversation about what Easter means or how the Christian faith makes a difference to people’s lives.’

Roy Crowne, HOPE’s executive director, says, ‘We are thrilled to hear how churches have used Christmas HOPE magazines - 90% said between one and ten new people attended Christmas services as a result. We hope churches will be able to build on that this Easter as they give away the HOPE at Easter magazine.’

Easter giveaways

Many churches delivering the Christmas HOPE magazines in the run-up to last Christmas, made the distribution extra-special by giving it away door-to-door with a mince pie, a Candy Cane with a Christmas message, or a Christmas bauble for example. Many churches that are distributing HOPE at Easter are planning to give away miniature Easter eggs or an Easter card with an invitation to an Easter guest service.

HOPE at Easter is available to pre-order from the HOPE shop Copies will be ready to post out from CPO by 19th February. Copies are free - donations of 10p a copy are welcome to cover print costs. HOPE and Hope for Every Home cover the other costs. There is a handling and delivery charge based on the quantity ordered. In order to keep delivery costs down, we are using a non-trackable service to send the copies out.

Donations help to fund future magazines

Donations towards publishing the HOPE magazine scan be made here or visit the HOPE giving page to find out about other ways to give to HOPE. 

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