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We are developing a network of HOPE Practitioners to pass on news from HOPE Together to local churches and to encourage local churches to work together. 

To make HOPE Together happen to the max in the UK we need people with enthusiasm and commitment to spread the word about the HOPE Together vision and resources. 

Some areas, like Coventry, employ a HOPE Practitioner to coordinate ongoing activities. Other HOPE practitioners are working on a voluntary basis. The key qualification is to be passionate about seeing churches work together to make Jesus known. Could you bring churches together to bring hope to your community, while keeping people informed and encouraged? If so then you would be ideal as a HOPE practitioner! Please complete the form below and we will make sure you receive advance information about HOPE’s plans and resources. We will be in touch to help you explore the possibilities and give you support.
If you would like to become one of our HOPE Practitioners, then please fill in the form below.
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