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Reading the Bible was key to 24% of practising Christians coming to faith. 

- Talking Jesus Report 2022.

At Hope, we are committed to helping people who don’t yet know Jesus to read about him for themselves.

Contemporary Gospels


Our contemporaryMark’s Gospel was created, with Biblica, in response to a survey that showed that the look and feel of the bible mattered to the younger generations if they were going to pick it up and read it for themselves. It looks and feels like a quality magazine/book. 

Get your copy of Mark's Gospel

It is also available as a digital version with audio readings. We've created some handout cards so you can share this version with others. 

We have also published a Ukrainian edition of our Mark's Gospel so the story of Jesus can be read by those who read/speak Ukrainian. Working in partnership with Biblica, you can purchase a copy that will be disrupted to Ukrainian refugees

Want a digital book download? Get it now in the Hope shop.

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The new Luke's Gospel in the same style and tone as our Mark's Gospel so you can give away the Jesus story as told by Luke. Could you give away a copy to your friends, colleagues, family and people who visit your church and those in your community who are exploring faith?  

Find it now on the Hope shop

Want a digital download version? Find it in the Hope shop
"I think a lot of people in this last season have been quite intrigued by God, and they’re not quite sure where to look. And if you say to them, 'Open a Bible', it might be that it’s hard to know where to start. This just talks about Jesus! And Jesus is always a fantastic place to start. It’s very easy to engage with, so that’s what I would recommend."

Richard Keeler – Assistant Minister (Schools and Community), Thundersley Congregational Church


Discovery Bible App

Hope Together has also partnered with Discover. The Discover app helps anyone read the Bible with someone. It’s easy - you don’t need to know all the answers, you just need to be willing to ask questions. If you don’t fancy using the app, there’s a book version we’re selling in our shop

The Discovery Bible Study questions have led to church growth in many countries across the world.

Download it and have a go! 


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