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We know that when we pray, God moves.

We want everyone, everywhere to know Jesus - and that means starting with prayer. 

We have a great God who loves to work with us when we pray so prayer is a priority for Hope Together.

Support us in prayer

Prayer Calendar

To join us as we pray for our country, download the monthly prayer calendar. 

Just Pray

Join us for ‘Just Pray’ - on the 22nd of every month - online for 20 minutes. Come and pray for people to come to know Jesus. We will be on Facebook Live!

Could you mobilise a prayer group from across churches to pray together for your area - a ‘Just Pray’ group? Just choose a time and place.

You can also join the 'make prayer a habit' team. What do you do every day that could remind you to pray for a friend or family member to come to faith? 

You can also order a Just Pray coaster to remind yourself and invite others in your church to join ‘Just Pray’.  Find out more here

Prayer walking

Just Pray also puts a focus on prayer walking, and we would love to encourage you to pray for your streets.

When you prayer walk, help us make sure every street in the UK is prayed for by registering your prayer on the Oikos app. Find out more here

Prayer letter

Pray for and with the Hope Team every day - we need your partnership in prayer.

Sign up to receive the Hope prayer letter - one prayer request a day can change Hope’s ministry every day. 

Sign up here

Prayer spaces

Hope Spaces, Hope Together, 24-7 Prayer and the Church of England are asking local churches to join forces to host creative, public prayer spaces. Invite your community to experience God through talking and listening to him in prayer. Find out more here

Joining Dots Prayer Network

Prayer is powerful and changes things because we are inviting our all-powerful God into the conversation. We want to pray expecting God to move, opening doors to conversations, relationships and opportunities for Christians to share Jesus with people in everyday ways, praying, caring and sharing people into the kingdom.

Imagine if we could do this for more than our local area; imagine if we could cover the country, the world in prayer…

That’s what the Joining Dots Prayer Network is about.

The Joining Dots Prayer Network maps prayer for towns and cities across the UK. JDPN would love to see every street in every town and city prayed for by the end of 2030. The network meets altogether online twice a year in January and October. In between, we collaborate and support each other sharing resources and making prayer connections. If you are involved in praying for a town/city/region and would like to know more email and download our leaflet for more information. 

Become a prayer partner

Hope Together is rooted and grounded in prayer. Hope’s prayer partners pray daily using our monthly prayer calendar, which you can download above. We are so grateful for all the individuals and churches who are committed to praying with Hope Together for our nation. We work in partnership with the World Prayer Centre, Thy Kingdom Come, the Festival of Life, the 24-7 prayer movement, the Neighbourhood Prayer Network and others, asking for God’s strength and power as we reach out to our nation together in word and action.  

If you would like to become one of our monthly prayer partners, then please fill in the form below:

If you would like to become one of our monthly prayer partners, then please fill in the form below.
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Get involved

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