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The Youth Wellbeing Journey is by young people, for young people!

We have created a video series to run in tandem with the series for adults, to help young people go on the same Wellbeing Journey. 

The Youth Series can be bought separately or as part of the range of licences.
To access the 8 youth sessions and the Leaders’ Information Pack, click the Start button below which will take you to the Hope shop after you have read the ‘how to purchase’ instructions. Find out more.


The Schools Wellbeing series is transformative for young people going on the journey as they reflect on wellbeing from a variety of angles.

It has been created to be a safe space for young people in the safe and structured environment of schools, with teachers they know.  More here


Free-to-download resources churches can use for children’s groups to run alongside the film series each week.

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