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We love working Together with others, nationally, regionally and locally - and now globally! We’re committed to unity in evangelism.  

Our Partners

Our partners fall into three categories: national, regional and local.

Local partners - or Mission Champions - work across churches where they live. They inspire and equip people for mission and evangelism and lead on local projects.

Youth Advocates are local partners with a specific brief for young people; they help churches in their area to work together so young people and their youth groups thrive and grow.

Meet our regional partners

We also have an amazing team of regional partners, who mobilise churches in united mission and evangelism in their areas.

Chris Edwards – Hope Coventry

Following a successful leadership career in education, Chris joined Hope Coventry as its first COO in January 2018. He has overseen the expansion of the organisation, leading a team of 14 employees working in the city to deliver social engagement and faith-focused projects. Chris has just finished in this role and we want to say a huge thank you for all that he has achieved. 

Danny Stupple – Hope Eastleigh

 Danny Stupple, with 3 other founding Trustees, formed Zion Projects and has been Chair since 2010. He has been married to Pippa for 40 years and they have 3 adult children. Danny also serves on Eastleigh Deanery Synod, his local PCC and is Chair of Churches Together in Eastleigh.  

Nigel Adams – Hope Nottingham 

Nigel is the Founder & Ambassador of Hope Nottingham where they unite Christians in Mission to work together in the local areas where they live and work, in towns and suburbs all around Nottingham. 

Pip and Stephen Elphick – Hope Bedford 

Pip and Stephen are the leaders of Hope Spaces and are passionate about churches working together. They have been married for nearly 50 years with 4 sons and 9 grandchildren. They attend 3 Rivers Church in Bedford but get involved in anything across the churches and are praying for revival and unity of God's people in Bedford. 

Chris Densham – Hope Shropshire 

Chris is part of the team at Hope Shropshire serving as Ecumenical Mission Enabler Telford & Shropshire as they seek to equip and encourage local churches in mission and establish an on-going legacy of hope for the future.

Stewart Taylor – Hope Cambridge 

Stewart is the chair of the Hope Cambridge trustees who are fostering relationships among leaders in the city, engaging in strategic prayer for the city and seeking to encourage evangelism and city engagement to share the Gospel.

Meet our national partners

We have a brilliant group of national key partners - organisations and denominations we work with regularly.

Here are the great people who make up this group and work alongside us. They help us stay closely connected to local churches.

Rachael Heffer – Evangelical Alliance 

Rachael is the Head of Mission for the EA. She is passionate about evangelism, mission, church unity and her local church.

Trey Hall – Methodist Church - Director of Evangelism and Growth

Trey Hall is a Methodist pioneer, church planting strategist and evangelist.

Jane Holloway – World Prayer Centre

Jane Holloway has been part of the World Prayer team for over 15 years and is passionate about making prayer accessible to all.

Ade Omooba – Christian Concern 

Ade has 24 years of church ministry experience and is a co-founder of several organisations and groups, namely; the Christian Victory Group - ICARE Projects, Christian Concern (CC), a UK Lobby/Campaign Group on Public Policy, and the Christian Legal Centre (CLC) addressing Christian Liberty Cases.

Paul Woolley - LICC

Paul Woolley is Chief Executive of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC) and is on a mission to embed the whole-life discipleship gene into the culture of the UK church within a generation. 

Nigel Coles – Baptist Church

Nigel is the Regional Team Leader of the West of England Baptist Association (WEBA), facilitating the life of the WEBA network team and overseeing the missional strategy for the region. 

Stephen Hance – Church of England

The Revd. Dr. Stephen Hance is the National Lead for Evangelism and Witness for the Church of England, with responsibility for the Church’s goals around evangelism.

Mark Greenwood - Elim

Mark is Elim's National Evangelist and has been a full-time evangelist since 1988. He also sits on the board of Hope Together.

Mark Ritchie - AOG

Mark is an Assemblies of God minister and evangelist as well as serving as an elder of his local church.

Elliott Vanstone

Elliott is the Mission Adviser for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales. His background is predominantly academic and he holds an undergraduate degree in Theology and Religious Studies and a Master’s degree in Catholic Social Teaching, both from St Mary’s University in Twickenham.

Hope Youth partners

Hope Youth also consists of numerous national partners, including but not limited to: 

Church of England, Redeemed Christian Church Of God, Alpha, Youth for Christ, Scripture Union, Message Trust, Pais Movement, YWAM, Youthscape, Urban Saints, CIY, Movement, DTI, Festive, Young Life, Limitless, Tearfund, Methodists, Salvation Army, LIGHT and Evangelical Alliance.

Collectively, this group has facilitated the creation of various initiatives and resources including Mission Academy, Mission Academy Live and Amplify, with a specific focus on developing 11-17 year-old evangelists.

Partner with us

Are you passionate about evangelism and mission? Could you partner with Hope Together?

We want to partner in the mission of God with you! If you are interested in becoming a local partner, or a Youth Advocate, click here to find out more.

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