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The late HM Queen Elizabeth II left a huge legacy of faith and service. Our books are a great way to share with others about the Queen's Christian faith and let her incredible life and example continue to speak to us. 

This Christmas why not give away one of our beautiful books - a perfect stocking filler for a friend or family member?

A Life of Grace


This moving tribute brings fresh insight on the transformative role of Christ in the Queen’s public and private life. Beautifully illustrated and carefully researched, it brings home the impact of a life lived wholly and joyfully for Christ and others. As such, it makes an ideal gift for friends, colleagues, and neighbours of any faith or none.

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Our Faithful Queen


This beautiful book witnesses to the Queen's 70 years of faith and service and is a fitting and appropriate memorial gift for any wanting to give something away to help others grasp the centrality of the Queen's faith over her lifetime of service. 

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For under 5's

The Girl Who Grew Up To Be Queen

Published in partnership with The Entertainer and Hope for Every Home, has been made so the under-fives in your community can be introduced to the Queen and her Christian faith.

This book has also been made into an animation which you can watch here.

Muick Says Goodbye

In The Girl Who Grew Up To Be Queen, we met Muick, one of the Queen’s corgis. Muick told us all about his special owner, Queen Elizabeth, and how her special friend, Jesus, helped her to be Queen.

As we saw in The Girl Who Grew Up To Be Queen, Queen Elizabeth loved animals and had corgis as pets for a long time. In 2015 her last corgi died, and Queen Elizabeth decided not to have any more because she was getting old and didn’t want to leave any behind when she died. Then along came Covid-19, lockdown and the death of her husband, Prince Philip. Seeing that the Queen was lonely, her family bought her two new corgis; one of them was Muick.

In 2022 the time came for Muick to say goodbye to his special owner, Queen Elizabeth. So, let’s go back to Muick and let him finish the story of The Girl Who Grew Up To Be Queen.

Muick Says Goodbye


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